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CCTV Home & Business - Total surveillance 24/7. The new generation of CCTV cameras and screening technology available from Circuit Security enable you to monitor your property while you're at home and remotely.

Much more than a simple security device to deter intruders, you can see who is at the door and check on gates, entries and exits, garages and outbuildings, and even keep an eye on children and pets while they are indoors or playing in the garden.

Regular monitoring of your home can be linked to your smart phone or tablet, giving you total control of your home security whenever you want, regardless of your location or the time of day. Any notifications of events can be verified instantly via your home security CCTV cameras, enabling you to initiate the appropriate response without delay.

Multiple cameras located throughout your property can be connected to a single network, making it easy to quickly check your home and surrounding vicinity from multiple angles.

All Circle Security CCTV systems are designed to maintain peak performance in harsh environments and continue monitoring your home whatever the weather throws at it. When it's dark, LED infrared technology ensures viewing up to 15m away from the camera without the need for additional lighting.


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